Performance Training

Core Stix Is Used By:

NHL Players • Professional Athletic Trainers • Celebrity Trainers • NFL Players • UFC Fighters • Pro Boxers • Olympic Athletes

The Core Stix Philosophy
on Performance Training


Improve Athletic Performance by Simulating Real Sports Actions


Train Hard but Safely and Prevent Injuries


Efficiently Build Power, Strength, Endurance, Flexibility


Upright Functional Training

Core Stix allows you to improve athletic performance by simulating real sports actions in your strength building. We call this: Functional Training.

Professional trainers love training their athletes on Core Stix because the innovative system was specifically designed to drive better athletic performance. Whether you want to hit harder, swing faster or generate more torque – Core Stix allows you to build power using real athletic movements that translate directly into better results on the field, in the rink and on the court.

When is the last time you scored a goal, threw a touchdown or a punch lying down?

Upright core training allows athletes to train like they play

Mike Kadar, the strength and conditioning coach for the 3-time world champion Pittsburg Penguins hockey team, envisioned Core Stix to be the best way to build core strength while upright – like you perform in athletics. Athletes from around the world in the NFL, NHL, Professional Boxers and Olympians are now using Core Stix to build their performance edge.

Professional athletic trainers rave about Core Stix because the system allows them to push their athletes to their breaking point, safely! Kadar knew that when you are working with professional athletes who are paid millions of dollars to perform, it is important that the exercises lead to better performance and that it is crucial to prevent injuring the athletes. Trainers find Core Stix a great way to continue to challenge and retain clients who are looking to be pushed and want to achieve an athletic edge in their power, endurance and flexibility.

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